Blood Offering: Legend of the Iron Witch – Haunt Experience Announced for ScareLA

Today We Make Scare History — Get Ready for BLOOD OFFERING, ScareLA’s First-ever Original Haunt! 

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We’ve joined dark forces with two legendary haunt designers to deliver our biggest scare yet! Notorious maze master Brooke Adair Walters is responsible for some of the most terrifying moments of Knott’s Scary Farm’s history with her work on Doll Factory, Trick Or Treat, and Forevermore. Donald Julson is the brilliant special FX prop mastermind behind Steven Spielbergs’ sci-fi classic Minority Report and Van Helsing as well as a home haunter to be reckoned with.

This August, your path to salvation or sacrifice will depend on what choices you make inside the cold dark chambers of BLOOD OFFERING : Legend of the Iron Witch. Every visceral pulse pounding scare in this immersive terror simulation. Over FOUR-times the size of any scare experience at ScareLA to-date!

“Bring forth your offerings; your devotion, your blood, your soul for eternal life. Are you willing?”