Fast and Furious – Supercharged Review by Jeff (Employee Preview)


Universal Studios Hollywood held its employee preview night for “Fast and Furious – Supercharged.” There seems to be mixed reviews about the studio tour animation (attraction), but you can read more below (Or Click Continue Reading).


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Last night I got to experience “Fast & Furious Supercharged”, a new experience at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. I was looking very forward to this new attraction. Although I’ve never seen a single “Fast & Furious” film, Universal has proven to me in the past that just because I’m not a fan of a specific movie or genre, it doesn’t mean I can’t love the ride or attraction. Before experiencing “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” at Universal Orlando Resort I had seen very little of the Harry Potter movies, but that didn’t keep me from actually tearing up at what was one of the greatest theme park experiences I’d ever had. So, I was excited to experience this new “Fast & Furious Supercharged” to see what new effects Universal had in store.

Unfortunately I ended up being very disappointed by this addition to the Studio Tour. Although I knew this going in I do find that there is a lot of confusion about the fact that this new attraction is part of the Studio Tour. It is not a separate ride like “Transformers” or “Jurassic Park”. The marketing has done a great job confusing guests based on the imagery and video they’ve seen in advertisements. It seems to me that this was done on purpose and frankly I think that that is a terrible way to treat your guests.

Aside from that there was just nothing new about this attraction that I hadn’t seen before. I actually enjoyed the pre-show more than the actual ride. The lead up to the experience begins back at The Bates Motel where you see a vehicle from the “Fast & Furious” story and there are videos on the tram monitors setting up the story for you as you drive past “The Psycho House” and through “War of the Worlds”. When you pull into the first show room there are vehicles all around you and more pre-show video to watch on the monitors. It is the second room that I enjoyed the most. This is where there are holograph images of the actors from the movie. Universal has used this technology in the past in their “Disaster” Attraction at Universal Orlando as well as in “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. But this is the first time I remember seeing this technology used at Universal Studios Hollywood, so that is a nice addition. We will be sure to see more of it once Wizarding World West opens. I love these holograms because not only is it convincing and looks like live actors, but these holograms also interact with live set pieces.

Then we head into the actual ride part of “Fast & Furious Supercharged”. If you’ve experienced “King Kong 360 3-D” you’ve pretty much already experienced “Fast &Furious Supercharged”. It is the same exact type of ride. Giant screen surround both sides of the tram and the tram moves in sync with the motions of the film. The biggest problem that I see is that “King Kong 360 3-D” is part of the same Studio Tour that you will be on to experience “Fast & Furious Supercharged”.  So you’re essentially having the same experience twice as part of the same tour. If you’re a big “Fast & Furious” fan you might find this more fun, but for a non-fan of the franchise it’s just the same old thing. Since it is the same as “King Kong 360 3-D” I have the same problems with it that I have with Kong. The experience is only truly convincing if you’re sitting in the center of the tram. If you’re sitting on either end you can easily see the tops and bottoms of the screens and you completely lose the effect. I suggest that you look at the screen on the opposite side of the tram from where you’re sitting in order to get a better show.

This attraction is once again in 3-D and once again the picture quality is not very clear. I do understand that to make an image that large to appear clear is a very difficult task and I don’t blame anybody for it not being a clearer image, but I do feel as though audiences of today expect super clear imagery. It’s just what we’ve been set up to expect based on what we see at movie theaters, on our TV’s, computers and phones.

Overall, “Fast and Furious Supercharged” is not an attraction that would make me want to go to a theme park for the specific purpose of seeing it. It’s an ok addition to the existing Studio Tour but you may enjoy it more if you’re a big fan of the film franchise and characters.