Fire at Samba at CityWalk LA

First of all, thanks to Grant Baciocco for the news!

On Saturday, December 13th, a fire had occurred at the Samba Brazilian Grill. There are videos of the fire, but it does look like The fire department got it contained and quietly. Read below for his story:

Here’s his story:

Right before 4PM we were walking out of the second level of the Curious George structure by Samba, we could hear a fire alarm going off and could see the smoke.  I pretty much started filming right then.  People were still inside the restaurant eating but as we watched, they got everybody out of there.

There was no big alarm raised and I wonder if the smoke looked worse that it was.  We left the area and people working at kiosks just a bit down the way had no idea what was happening.  After we went into the park for a bit, we left around 8 and could see that there was no visible fire damage, but it did look like they’d soaked down the whole building with water.  The restaurant was closed but employees were still inside moving things around and looked to be cleaning up.

But that’s about it.  I will say they seemed to handle it pretty quickly and quietly.  As I said, down by where you meet Santa on CityWalk, no one had any clue anything was going on.”

Check back later for any updates that may arise!

Provided are a set of videos provided by Grant