Five Things To Do at Universal Studios Hollywood

1. The Studio Tour


The Studio Tour is a MUST DO if you plan on taking a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. The Studio Tour is a comprehensive theme park attraction that utilizes trams to take guests around the 390 acre studio lot, as guests learn how movies are shot and created. Guests will also get to experience being “in peril”, with studio tour attractions including King Kong: 360 3D, Fast and Furious – Supercharged, Flash Flood, Earthquake, and more. This 45 minute tour is a can’t miss attraction, and is also unique to any of the other Universal theme parks worldwide.

2. WaterWorld


WaterWorld, yes, based on the 1995 movie flop with Kevin Kostner, brings probably the world’s best theme park stunt show. WaterWorld opened on October 21, 1995 with great reviews from everybody when the show first debuted. This 16 minute stunt production brings out all the guns of what defines a stunt show. With stunts, pyrotechnics, and a special surprise climax (Seaplane launch), this show leaves great impressions among all guests even twenty years later. All the cast members of the show work in the film/tv industry, so you will have the chance to take a picture and say hi to them at the conclusion of the performance.

3. Springfield/Simpsons Plaza



Springfield is all new addition to Universal Studios Hollywood, and is the park’s 2nd themed environment based on an intellectual property. Essentially this area is mainly a giant themed food court, but it offers interactive and immersive storytelling. The Simpsons TV show is filled with food venues everyone wants to visit, and they have been brought to life. You can grub on a Krusty Burger and sip on a Duff Beer, and even more! You even get to meet some of the citizens of Springfield, including The Simpsons Family, Krusty the Clown, and Sideshow Bob. Then experience The Simpsons Ride, based on Krustyland, Krusty’s theme park that gets destroyed by Sideshow Bob during the experience.

4. Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem & Super Silly Fun Land



Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem & Super Silly Fun Land is Universal Studios Hollywood’s first ever themed environment based on an intellectual property. You enter Gru’s neighborhood, with his unique purple home that is full of mischievous minions. The story is Gru wants to recruit you to become a minion! To celebrate it at the end, a dedicated dance party room is tuned to The Sylver’s ‘Boogie Fever’, where you can show your inner minion, while being funneled out into the gift shop, then into Super Silly Fun Land. Super Silly Fun Land is Universal’s first ever land dedicated for kids and families. Silly Swirly (spinner attraction), Universal’s first ever flat ride, offers great views of the area with no designated height restriction to experience the ride. On a hot summer day, kids can play in the water park with their swimsuits and have a great time.

5. Lower Lot

The Lower Lot is home to the collection of the park’s thrill rides, with Jurassic Park, Transformers, and Revenge of the Mummy rides. Each attraction in the lower lot is diverse in terms of offerings. You have a water ride, a 3D flight simulator, and a roller coaster that can sure fill up your day. It is also home to the best meet and greet interactions, with Transformers characters and the Raptor Encounter. As you enter the area, the famous Jurassic Park End Credits theme is piped throughout the lower lot, so you can feel as if you are in the world that Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler experienced in the first Jurassic Park film. To access the lower lot, you enter the infamous Starway escalators, which establishes four sets of escalators to get down, as most of the park is on a hill, but it offers great views of the studio and the San Fernando, especially at dusk/nighttime.