Freeze Ray Smoothie


The Freeze Ray at Universal Studios Hollywood is a great snack to have while at the park. It is a banana mango soft serve (ice cream) with sprite poured in it. It’s Universal’s version of a dole whip, and I enjoy it. Let’s begin.

The ice cream itself blends the flavors really well, (banana and mango) it is a ice cream/sherbet fusion kind of feeling, it’s a reasonable portion of soft serve that I can enjoy. With the sprite mixed in it, it is a very sticky smoothie that can run off. What’s cool about the drink is the straw it has, it changes color when cold is applied to it (purple), and when not exposed to cold, it’s yellow, which fits with the minions’ colors.

The smoothie is $5.29 + tax, which comes at a grand total of $5.72 without an annual pass. 

Overall, I would definitely purchase it next time you visit Universal Studios Hollywood. It is an enjoyable, yet filling smoothie.

You can purchase it at Despicable Delights next to the Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem entrance, or at Gru’s Lab Cafe inside Super Silly Fun Land.