#GreatButterbeerChallenge and #StarWayChallenge Contests

LAST UPDATED: 4/4/16 (9:02pm)

We will be starting the #GreatButterbeerChallenge and #StarwayChallenge! These will be exciting challenges for you guys to do at the Universal parks. Shall we tell you the details of how to enter this contest?

How to enter this contest:

  1. Follow us on Twitter (@USHToday), Instagram (@USHToday), or on Facebook (USH Today).
  2. Post a photo/video online using the hashtag #GreatButterbeerChallenge or #StarWayChallenge depending which contests you want to enter, and you must tag us on your post.
  3. You can enter the #GreatButterbeerChallenge (Hollywood, Orlando, or Japan) and the #StarWayChallenge (Hollywood only), or either one.
  4. One post = One entry. You may do multiple entries if you wish, but limit to 5 posts a month. Every 3 months, we will pick at random the winner, and the winner will get a prize. Prizes TBD.
  5. Rules may change at any point, so please continue to view this page if there are any new rules added or deleted. This page will have on top “LAST UPDATED: 0:00 AM/PM” so you know how current this post is.
  6. When does the contest start? 3/21/16!
  7. Dates of winner drawing: June 21st, September 21st, December 21st. (2016)
  8. The winner will be notified by post. If you enter via Twitter/Instagram, we will tag you in a post notifying you are the winner. If you enter via Facebook, we will comment on your entry post notifying if you are the winner.
  9. Have fun! If you have any questions regarding this contest, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Since Butterbeer is a very popular beverage at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, why not create a challenge?

Challenge: Consume all the types of butterbeers in one day, single setting (Cold, Frozen, Fudge, etc). We will need photo proof to confirm. No need to do something else besides that. Happy eating!



Universal Studios Hollywood is home to the infamous StarWay escalators that connects the Upper/Lower Lots.

Challenge: You will need to time yourself going up/down the stairs (not escalators). You will need to show proof by posting two pics, one of the StarWay and your finishing time, or by recording yourself going up/down the stairs.


Happy challenge!