Grilled Cheese and Pulled Pork Sandwich

Gru’s Lab Cafe is a new cafeteria style restaurant serving unique food items at Universal Studios Hollywood. There is a nice variety of food options, like a udon noodle salad (Dr. Nefario’s Lab Salad) and a big bowl of nachos (El Macho’s Nachos). 
For Food Review #2, we will be reviewing “Vector’s Grilled Cheese with Pulled Pork” sandwich.

First impressions, the presentation is generic, there used to be a charred logo of Gru’s symbol on it, and BBQ chips.

Let’s start with the sandwich. It is a very good sandwich, I love that the bread is toasted and buttered (I think), and the white cheddar and pulled pork blends well in taste, making it a textured sandwich. There is BBQ sauce available to pour on your sandwich if you want that western taste. On the downside, it made my mouth dry, so I had to get a drink with it.

Next is the fries. I am not too crazy on the fries, as they are sweet potato fries. What was disappointing is there are no substitutions available for the fries. Although they are crispy and delicious.

In conclusion, I would rate this is as a 7.5/10. It is a very expensive price to pay, $12.99 for that plate, which turned a lot of people away from that sandwich, but it was popular among guests. Well, that’ll do it for #2. Thanks for reading!