Hard Rock Cafe Review at Universal CityWalk Hollywood


Unfortunately, we do not have any photos available, but this will be a review of Eric’s 1st time visit to dine at Hard Rock Cafe at CityWalk Hollywood.


We¬†arrived at the door at 6:30pm, and CityWalk was crowded during that time trying to get from the park to the restaurant. I’ve always wanted to dine over at Hard Rock, but never had the chance to. My initial impressions of the restaurant is just how compact the restaurant is, in terms of walking space. We didn’t have to place reservations, we just walked up and found a table immediately, I was surprised by how quick they found a table, considering how busy the restaurant looked.

We were seated on the second level, where I happen to gaze at these memorabilia that many rock stars had owned. The restaurant was filled with these items used by these performers. Our server, Henry, deserves a 10/10 for our service. He was so efficient and well verse with the menu that it made it easy for us to pick what we wanted. I was impressed by how quick food and drinks were going in and out of the kitchen, which is a definite plus. My order of food came out in about 10-15 minutes, which is a normal standard of time to get food prepared and then onto my table.

Let’s get into the good stuff.I ordered the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger. The presentation of the plate is your typical style like at the Cheesecake Factory. But what was cool is that the picks they had to hold the burger together was a Hard Rock flag, and thought it was a nice touch to the whole Hard Rock theme. The burger was huge and tasty, which is what I like in a sit-down restaurant. The only let down was I didn’t taste any BBQ sauce in my burger. The fries came in a basket that was seasoned with some type of salt that was rich in flavor. It came with the special Hard Rock sauce, which is basically Thousand Island sauce with a hint of sriracha.

I definitely enjoyed my meal 100%, and I would recommend it to anyone who visits Universal Studios Hollywood and wants to eat dinner outside of the park. Sitting on the second level gave us a great view of CityWalk during night, with all the neon lights and people jamming music out there. My final thoughts are many thanks to Henry (our server) for your exceptional service and follower (on Twitter) Troy for joining me for the second half of the day at the park.