Roast Beef and Cheddar Sub with Homemade BBQ Chips

Universal Studios Hollywood has recently opened ‘Palace Theatre Cafe’ at the former Silver Screen Collectibles at the Palace facade. This grab & go restaurant offers a variety of healthy options, such as fruit cups, soups, subs, and desserts. Below is the roast beef and cheddar sub and homemade BBQ chips, the total cost of this with an annual pass is $9.98, without the pass is $10.87.

The presentation of the sandwich is your typical one from Subway. The bread itself is typical, but it comes packaged cold. The sandwich included roast beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, mustard, and mayonnaise. All of the ingredients blended well together, making the flavor colorful and delicious, that sandwich did fill me up to the rim. I would totally recommend, since the beef is so juicy, fresh, and meaty. Usually when I get roast beef from the market, it has a funny taste to it, so big props to Universal for the great and fresh taste. The sandwich is $8.99.

The potato chips are definitely good, the seasoning of the chips is so rich and dense, and the cool thing is that it is $0.99! The chips are not like Lay’s chips, where they are really thin, these chips are a little thicker and much more crunchier than I would of expected. I would shake the bag before hand to get the full taste of it. Also, most of the chips didn’t break off, making it a full size chip for me to chew on. I would recommend these if you want to bring it home and put it in your lunch bag.

Overall, I would totally recommend buying both items, but it was very expensive to pay for. Both items definitely are healthier items than the other options in the park, and the location is conveniently located next door to Mel’s Diner, which gives your party the opportunity to go into either location to purchase food/beverage, and a convenient way to find a meet up location. 

That concludes our first food review, stay tuned for more in the future!