ScareLA Convention Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of our coverage of the 2015 Scare Los Angeles Convention. ScareLA is one of the fastest growing conventions in the nation, and we were excited to attend this year’s convention for the first time. For those who aren’t aware what ScareLA is, it is the “Summer’s Ultimate Halloween Event”, where vendors, haunts, and anything Halloween come together under one roof.

Like I said earlier, ScareLA was my very first convention ever, so let’s get started about my personal experience.


I was immediately welcomed with a giant inflatable pumpkin as I approached the Pasadena Convention Center. After taking a walk around Pasadena during my lunch break, this city’s architecture with the buildings is beautiful. The Civic Auditorium in the center of the con center, it was a beautiful piece of art.


Such a stunning building.


Over here is the main lobby where you pick up your credentials. I found check to be extremely easy, with not much of a huge crowd lining up inside. But there was an extremely large line outside check in.


Over here a group of cosplayers dressed as characters from the Walking Dead. I saw the Rick Grimes cosplayer, and can I say WOW he looks exactly like Andrew Lincoln. I even saw guests that were surprised about the authenticity of the cosplayer. Kudos to Reel Guise for amazing cosplay characters.


This is the “Vault of Darkness” showcase produced by Evil Twin Studios. The “Ward 13” facade is the actual facade they will be using when they open their haunt in October. I got a chance to experience it, and it was a spectacular showcase of props and such. The flashlights by Gantom are such a revolutionary type of technology I have never used. I felt vibration, I saw different hues, it was a whole experience in itself. LOVED IT.


Walking around the floor this AMAZING cosplayer dressed as Maleficient is brilliant!


Walking around the expo floor I come across a wedding being officiated. I thought that was kind of cool. This happened at the Reign of Terror booth.


This had to be one of my favorite looking booths. Froggy’s Fog did an excellent job highlighting their products that showcased fog machines, lights, and more. It was pretty epic.


Then you have the Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest booth. What I loved about this booth is that they had makeup artists apply makeup to some of their characters that will be in this year’s haunt.


The first panel of the day was the “Legend of Disneyland’s Hatbox Ghost”. Kicking off the first day with this panel was epic. I loved the stories that Daniel Joseph (Imagineer that worked on new Hatbox Ghost) shared how he came about with the creation of the 21st century working character. Having Doug Barnes (Season Pass Podcast) as the moderator was great. He shared some great insight about the character. Disney legend Tony Baxter shared his journey with the Hatbox Ghost, and listening to his stories was pretty cool.


Then we move into the next panel, which was “Making Monsters: The Art of Terror”, where the artists of many of the SoCal haunt attractions come as one panel. Having them speak about the creation of their characters is an interesting process. Dark Harbor had a great point that Queen Mary has a rich history of all these haunted stories, so they are able to create their mazes. Scary Mary is a new character joining Dark Harbor.


#ScareLA was a trending hashtag on Instagram and Twitter on Saturday.


Then comes one of the popular panels, which was Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights. On stage was John Murdy and Chris Williams, and special guest Malek Akkad.


Malek Akkad is the CEO of Compass Int. Pictures and Trancas Int. Films. He came and spoke about his involvement  in the Halloween franchise.


Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home was announced at the panel, and is the 5th maze announced for HHN.


The Halloween house will involve new effects that weren’t utilized back in the 2009 version of the maze. Murdy stated that they will explore more of the paranormal world of Michael Myers.


Following the panel, the audience took part in a Guinness World Record for most candy unwrapped at once. This record was started back in August 2014, where the initial record was 817 participants. ScareLA still needs verification for the record, but they broke it.


The candy provided was from Sticky in Hollywood. They created custom candy for the event, and it was really good hard candy. Lots of different flavors.


Also on Twitter, Murdy promised a giveaway to a fan, which includes four front of the line tickets to the event, and a private behind the scenes tour of a maze of the winner’s choice. The question was “What is Michael Myer’s middle name?”. Someone immediately raised their hand just moments after it was asked.



I got a timebox from 91 Reasons! You guys should check out Jeff Tucker from 91 Reasons! He does a phenomenal podcast where he shares his stories, tells his thoughts movies, and big on nostalgia.