ScareLA Convention Day 2

Day 2 of our coverage of ScareLA is finally here! This article mostly covers the expo floor, so let’s get started!

It was an exciting first day of the convention with exciting panels such as Horror Nights and the Hatbox Ghost panel, but ScareLA offers more than panels and presentations, they offer classes and showcase a large expo floor with more than 200 vendors readily available.


Dread Central had a booth in the lobby next to check in. The lobby also had the Reel Guise, Wicked Lit, and Psychic Reader. They had a cool set up with Halloween music playing, giving out free posters and a Mars Attacks calendar. They were promoting their Box of Dread (, which is a subscription service similar to Lootcrate Nerdblock.


Can you spot the hidden Mickey?


Captured Aural Phantasy Theater is a phenomenal group that reads old comic in a modern voice. I got a chance to check out the live reading from the “Tales of the Crypt: in 3D”. Following the reading was the Disembodied Spirits: Voiceover Experts panel, with familiar names such as Peter Reneday, Corey Burton, and Mark Silverman. The panel was moderated by Brady MacDonald from the LA Times.

IMG_2414Around the expo floor, they had a lot of great live makeup demos, and this one was done by the EI School of Professional Makeup.


Phantom Finder had a booth showing off their augment reality artwork.



The character Jack-O was readily available for pictures at the LA Haunted Hayride booth.


This was the LA Haunted Hayride booth, promoting their event plus the NY Haunted Hayride and the Great Horror Campout.


These characters were also available for pictures too!

Then we got this cool character from Six Flags Fright Fest coming out to help promote the event this October.


Boneyard FX and Angels & Demons partnered at the event to do multiple live makeup demos at the front of the expo floor. The makeup applied to them is phenomenal, so much detail that went into transforming people into creatures.


I got a chance to check out the famed Decayed Brigade sliding group at their last show at the event. They were kicking awesome with the cool tricks they did in a group setting. I was amazed to see a 12 year old be part of the group, and can I say that he was amazing. The group had makeup applied to them, hence the “Decayed Brigade” name.

IMG_2413Virtual Screams was on site to let attendees experience a virtual reality world game. I didn’t get a chance to check it out, but people had a great time experiencing it.


There was a Ghostbusters booth, it was pretty cool to see actual props used from the Ghostbuster film.


That’s going to do with for our coverage of the 2015 ScareLA convention. Congrats to the whole ScareLA team,¬†their volunteers, and everyone who vendored for putting on their most successful convention since its inception in 2013. I am so glad that I got a chance to check out the convention this year. I’ve met so many familiar faces at the event, and it was great to say hi and chat with them at times throughout the two days of the event.

My highlights: Disembodied Spirits: Voiceover Experts panel, meeting many fellow bloggers and friends, checking out what a convention is like, and just having an awesome time!

My concerns: How lines were managed for the major panels. What I would of done is create switchback queue lines with actual ropes to contain everyone who wanted to attend these panels to enter in an orderly fashion. What I noticed was mass confusion (even myself) of entering the main stage. Getting 750 people situated waiting in lines was sort of chaotic, people telling people that the line ends in a certain spot, and there weren’t many volunteers in the lounge area to organize it.

Conclusion: Despite disorganization of queuing for panels, I had one heck of a phenomenal two days in the city of Pasadena, as I have met so many new people throughout the event. The fact that it was one big community, people who knew each other, that was a success. Connecting with people you haven’t seen for months or even a year at ScareLA felt very inviting to me. I am looking forward to #ScareLA 2016, as dates have been revealed (Sat Aug 6 and Sun Aug 7).