20 Years of WaterWorld at Universal Studios Hollywood

The WaterWorld stunt show at Universal Studios Hollywood is about to turn 20 years old this October.

To start off, WaterWorld was always an attraction that I would visit every single time I would be at the theme park. It is a must do and one of my priorities. I have been very fond of the show since I was little, and it inspired me to one day become a stuntman (those days are gone), and that show is a treasure in my heart, and will always continue to be. The amount of support by USH Management and their Entertainment Dept have shown that this show resonates with so many guests as it is such a unique attraction in any theme park around. From my heart to everyone at WaterWorld, I dedicate this article to you!

Here are some neat facts:

The WaterWorld attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood opened on October 21, 1995 with raving reviews from the press and around the world. (Facts posted by theStudioTour.com)

  • Attraction setup cost: $15 million
  • Set cost: $1 million
  • Running time: 16 minutes
  • Show opened: Autumn 1995
  • Size of show area: 40,000 sq.ft.
  • Seating capacity of venue: 2500 (Outdated, now approx 3200)
  • Main wall: 30 feet high
  • Atoll gate towers: 35 feet high
  • Main tower: 52 feet tall
  • Entry tower: 42 feet tall
  • Water: 1.4 million gallons of recycled water in the pool
  • Number of cast: At the start of the show’s run there were 5 casts of 8 stuntpeople (Outdated, total 9 stuntpeople)

To reflect on the past 20 years of the show, many thanks to my friends at Action Horizons Stunts, (Ken, Pat, Peter, and Mark) for your incredible work and dedication to make this attraction get back up to the top 2 spots for ratings at Universal Studios Hollywood. Also big thanks to the many cast members of the show (60+) for dedicating your time to make the show enjoyable for the thousands of guests who come into the arena each show. Honestly, my favorite part of WaterWorld is getting to know the family, you guys ROCK and you guys know that I love to stick around till the very end to talk with you guys, and I will always treasure those conversations. Oh, forgot to mention BIG round of applause for the park employees and those in the SET booth for making the show run smoothly, getting guests in/out of the show, and the SET people for doing a great job of running this very high production valued theme park show. It’s been a blast getting to know all you guys.

Time to show pics of the show:


The updated Seaplane sequence is absolutely stunning, I love the fact that the music that plays during the sequence sets the tone of an incoming seaplane, which is played out well in the sense that regular guests won’t know about it
Many of the cast in this particular showtime are new to the show, many came in 2014 and 2015.
The WaterWorld show sign. I find it funny that people think that they need to pay extra to get into the show. Haha.
The atoll at night with brighter lights is phenomenal. 1.0 wasn’t able to achieve what I wanted, but the repainted set is a favorite.
Since WaterWorld 2.0 came online in early 2014, I’ve seen more money being poured into the infrustructure of the arena, with the addition of 700 seats and an elevator for the disabled (Which isn’t being used enough)


I saw the addition of a cutout of the Seaplane at the marquee. Awesome that interest was (and is) still being renewed to the attraction, practically filling up almost all 3200 seats.
This sunset was taken on June 17, 2014. I’ve seen many sunset pics of WaterWorld, and is breath taking. I hope one day I get to walk around the set and admire it.
The updated finale is my favorite part of the entire show. The amount of fire and pyro is intense, and you can feel the heat from anywhere around the arena, it is a spectacular view, and be sure to watch the night shows!
To end this, here is a pic of the original colored atoll.

As we have explored here, the WaterWorld stunt show has set a precedent in theme park entertainment anywhere. Many thanks to the original creators and vendor of the show, WSSI (Water Ski Shows Inc.) for your incredible work for setting a standard in theme park stunt shows. As WaterWorld celebrates its 20th anniversary this October, we are more than thrilled to celebrating it with October with the WaterWorld show family.

To close out, I am so blessed to be able to have the chance to meet and become friends with so many of the cast members, as many became close friends. I am delighted to be part of this phenomenal family, and I am looking forward to the next 20 years!

– Eric Oh

(Article dedicated to everyone involved with WaterWorld, sincere thanks and congratulations)

WaterWorld 1.0:

WaterWorld 2.0: